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Cheyenne Reckart


Cheyenne Reckart

Hi Everyone! I am Cheyenne Reckart. I am the AppITP president and a Senior majoring in Computer Information Systems with a minor in Business Analytics. I am from Oakland, Maryland. This club has played a crucial role in my professional and personal development and I am excited for what this semester will hold for AppITP!

Feel free to connect and reach out to me via LinkedIn :) 

The President of AppITP will have many duties in the organization. The President provides overall guidance to the organization, aids other Officers in their jobs, and is responsible for the agendas for each Executive Council meeting and the normal club meeting. The President initiates, delegates, and oversees all club functions including all projects that are the responsibilities of the Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and WebMaster. This entity would help further the association of members within AppITP, delegates responsibilities to the other members of the Executive Council, calls Board of Directors' meetings, and makes sure that appropriate people are informed as needed. The president, along with the Advisor, act as mediators when needed. The President is to see that all duties of the remainder of the organization are met and that proper procedures are being followed.


Bryan Headshot

Vice President

Bryan Hunsinger  

Hey! My name is Bryan Hunsinger, and I am a junior at ASU this year! I am majoring in Computer Information Systems with a minor in Cyber Security. I joined this club for the greater good of my future in jobs and making lifelong connections with people that may help me in the future of my search for jobs after college. 

The primary job of the Vice President is to assist the President wherever necessary. In addition to this, they are responsible for all local-chapter-oriented activities. These activities include meeting with the club Advisor to schedule meetings and plan events as well as coordinate the activities of the subcommittees. The Vice President also has the ability to delegate the subcommittees to the Secretary and Treasurer at their discretion.


Madison Canipe

Madison Canipe

Hey everyone! I'm Madison Canipe, I also go by Madi... I am the secretary for AppITP! I'm a senior at Appalachian State and will graduate in May. I am majoring in Computer Information Systems with a Cybersecurity concentration and minoring in Business Analytics. You can find me either snowboarding or somewhere outside. I love being apart of AppITP because of the professional experience and networking that the organization provides. Feel free to reach out to me at any point during the semester! You can reach me by email - or connect with me on LinkedIn!

The primary job of the Secretary is to keep an accurate account of all events concerning the club. They also must make sure that all documents and paperwork belonging to the club are organized and correct.


Jessica Harris


Jessica Harris

Hey everyone! I'm Jessica Harris, Treasurer of AppITP. I am a junior majoring in Business Management. I enjoy hiking, music production, and watching movies. I joined AppITP to network and create relationships with industry professionals.

The primary job of the Treasurer is to handle all finances and bookkeeping of the club. They are to collect dues and account for all current members and their membership in the national AppITP organization.


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Luv Shah

Hey Guys! My name is Luv Shah, and I am a junior at AppState! I am majoring in Computer Information Systems with a concentration in Cyber Security. With a minor in Computer Science. I have joined AppITP so that I could network with big companies and potentially land a job. I have been in AppITP for one semester so far and I really enjoy it, the officers and faculty are wonderful. If you would like to contact me about the club or anything feel free.

The primary job of the Webmaster is to handle all online accounts of the club. They are to keep the data organized and keep the club's online presence relevant to what is happening with the club.


Adrian Santiago Medero B2B

Past President

Adrian Santiago-Medero